Take rides with your furry companion

SpotOn is offering rides for pets and the people who love them.

What is SpotOn?

SpotOn is the ride service designed for people and their pets to get rides from drivers are trained and to travel with your furry companion in safety and comfort.

Pets are Always Welcome

No more guessing or negotiating with drivers to see if you pet is welcome. Your pet is our priority!

Designed for Your Pet

Seat belts for you and a carrier or harness to make your pet safe and secure during rides.

Discounts to Events

SpotOn wants you to enjoy quality time with your bff (best furry friends). Watch for discounts on special events.

Your pet's safety is our priority

Safety is our number one concern when we host you and your furry companion. All of our cars are equipped with special equipment to ensure that your pet has a safe and enjoyable ride. Our drivers are also trained to handle pets of all sizes and breeds.

Enjoy riding with your pets

SpotOn is available on both iPhone and Android. Download to get started!